While there are many subtleties to communication between people, some rudimentary skills can help you. A communication strategy is not a marketing strategy. A communication strategy is correspondent and acquiescent to the marketing one. It takes its cues from the marketing strategy, which, in turn, takes its direction from the business strategy.

The communication strategy is not the second-in-command; it replies to the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy concentrates on the big picture and the communication strategy. Because of that, the communication strategy is diligently tied to tactics. While the strategy can not be confused with or bartered for tactics. It is much closer to the trenches than the marketing or business strategies.

Luciano Mancini puts down some of the elements that are included in communication strategy and further stats. Some barriers of communication strategy.

ü  The strategy typically encompasses written communication although the strategy is becoming much comprehensive.

ü  Today's communication strategist has to contemplate other forms of communication, comprising visual and audio ones.

ü  While the communication strategy may not be wholly liable for those components, it does not work in tandem with other strategies; that is not only from other types of storytelling and communication.

It's best to return to the military metaphor. If the general has absolute victory is necessary in a country, the marketing strategy would be pinpoint the locations essential to achieving that victory. The communication strategy should focus on the soldiers - the copywriters, videographers, graphic artists, podcasters, and cetera - allotted with taking those locations.

Barriers to effective communication

·         Needing clarity - Avoid abstracts, overly-formal language, colloquialisms, and jargon, which ambiguous your message.

·         Using stereotypes and generalizations - Speakers who make defined generalizations and their own clarity and integrity. Be alert not to get stuck in the habit of using stereotypes, or making generalizations about multifarious systems or situations. Another form of generalization is "polarization" or crafting extremes.

·         Hopping to conclusions - Confusing facts with interpretations is a common tendency. Do not take up you know the reasons behind events, or that positive facts have certain implications. Make sure you have all the information you want to know about the facts versus the meanings or interpretations you attribute to those.

·         Dysfunctional responses - Ignoring or commenting on a comment or question quickly weakens effective communication. Likewise, responding with an unrelated comment - one that is not connected to the topic at hand. Interrupting others while they are talking to the poor environment for communication.

·         Lacking Confidence - Lacking confidence can be a barrier to effective communication. Shyness, difficulty being self-confident, or lack of self-worth. Also, a lack of awareness of your own rights and opportunities in a given condition.

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