If you are offering the people with great place to that has an upscale ambiance and a corresponding array of amenities. But with the provision of VIP Concierge experience, you are presenting the patrons with a level of luxury that will have them fervently raving about their property choice.

Whether its housekeeping, event planning, recreation & leisure, childcare, pet care or an assorted menu of at hand and convenience services, with VIP on their side, residents can rest guaranteed their requirements are taken care of. From late night snacks to emergency repairs, our VIP Concierge services shield you completely. 

To make sure that every encounter with team of Luciano Mancini is a complete delight, our employees are curtained for interpersonal and communication skills, and collect hands-on replication training on concierge ethics, chivalrous professionalism, hurriedly arranging requested services, and security etiquettes. It's an amalgamation of high-level training and raw talent that gives our concierges the edge - the knack to content every request with a ready smile, unaffected concern, and effortless efficiency. 

VIP at Hand Service

The luxury living and 24-hour on-call service, what’s sets us apart and what residents will love about our VIP Concierge. 

VIP Event Planning

Residents can turn to VIP Concierge for top event planners and caterers who will stage-manage notable events designed to suit residents' taste, budget and special occasion.

VIP Housekeeping

It's all about relishing life and maximizing leisure time, as patrons delight in a well-maintained home skilfully serviced by professionals who take pride in their workmanship and in a job well done.

VIP Recreation & Leisure

Yoga & Pilates, Salon & Spa Reservations, Personal trainer, Private Massage for your ultimate pleasure!

VIP Child Care Services

Nursery & Day Care, Babysitting Service, Nannies and a lot more to explore!

We offer you unequalled privileges across every episode of the luxury lifestyle industry. Whether it's a precedence reservation starred restaurant, the Finest Available Rate at a five star hotel or cocktails on onset. 

From last-minute restaurant reservations, personalized travel itineraries and opera and theatre tickets to international property hunts and retrieving private schools and tutoring - we are the favoured service selected by those who are keen to relish the very best life has to offer.

Cue the transatlantic, travel VIP concierge service in Ibiza and Tulum which curate personalised global experiences for the exclusive, and cater to their every caprice around the clock. And when the world is a billionaire’s playground, whims are abundant. Providing the uppermost level of concierge services, VIP Concierge Services is enthusiastic to the requirements of both corporate and private clientele. With a peculiar touch and enthusiasm infrequent in a world accustomed to self-service and automation, we offer a comprehensive range of services from interesting travel to superior event coordination to destination management to private staffing to interior design services to luxury real estate. Our resources are the most in penetration to knob all personal and corporate requests of yours.

In order to discuss further with us, feel free to make a call at +39.340.2809456 or drop down your query at love@lucianomancini.com!